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Automatic Gates That Open for You

At Melbourne Fencing & Gates we strive to provide our customers with a number of different gate and fencing solutions to ensure that they find the right style and type of product. For over 16 years we have worked with domestic and commercial residents living throughout Melbourne, supplying, installing, and improving the security of properties of all sizes and dimensions.

Committed to delivering a complete gate experience to our customers Melbourne Fencing & Gates proudly stocks the latest gate installations to increase satisfaction and convenience of our customers. Made from durable and reliable components and machinery we have the ability to install customised automatic gates Mornington residents can trust.

Superior Sliding Gate Solutions

Sliding Gates Mornington

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of all things fencing the team at Melbourne Fencing & Gates know that durable fences do not need to sacrifice style and design. Merging form and function we proudly deliver superior sliding gates. Mornington residents and other Melbournians can experience the best in gating as our products are powder-coated in a number of colours to resist corroding from constant exposure to the elements. To discover more about our custom-made and affordable automatic sliding gates.

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Perfect Aluminium fencing

Are you weighing in the pros and cons of whether to go in for aluminium pool fence for your house in Mornington and if you need the help of experts like Melbourne Fencing & Gates to help you make your choice, then that is exactly what you should be doing. Understanding aluminium pool fencing better:

What are the advantages of Aluminium Fencing?

  • It is very effortless and easy to install an aluminium pool fence in your Mornington home. Basically, once the order has been placed, designing it and then assembling it around your Mornington pool area is very simple and in the least time-consuming.
  • Most aluminium pool fence come with a long warranty and in most cases, it is a lifetime warranty and this is very advantageous because, in the event of any issue or concern, you can ask for a replacement or even get it repaired, if needed.
  • Aluminium pool fencing too offers an unobstructed view of the pool and the pool area just like glass pool fencing. Therefore, if you are thinking of fencing panels made of aluminium for your Mornington home, then it is a good idea because, your view is not hampered and it also blends into the surroundings and this in a way leaves a long-lasting appeal.

For Aluminium Fencing, what is the maintenance required?

Besides the fact that aluminium panels that are a part of your pool fencing are not subject to oxidation, corrosion, or even rust and as part of a maintenance etiquette, it need not be repainted often and more so, they are easier to be replaced, if ever the need arises. Therefore, in short, fencing panels made of aluminium are very low-maintenance.

Is Aluminium Fencing really suited for use around a pool?

When we factor in the safety, security, and suitability factor of aluminium pool fencing in your Mornington house, then we have to say that security aspect is only augmented and added. They cannot be easily broken into or cut to gain access to the pool area. And most of all, unlike wood or timber fencing, they do not collapse or disintegrate so easily. So we have to say fencing made of aluminium panels is very safe and well-suited around the pool area.

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Glass Pool Fencing Mornington

Just so you know, Melbourne Fencing & Gates offers a range of glass pool fencing for your Mornington residence. And principal among them are a frameless pool fence Mornington which offers complete view of your pool and garden area.And a semi frameless glass fence Mornington that also offers an unobstructed view of the pool area and the surrounding garden too.

Frameless,Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

It is advisable and also as per the mandatory pool and pool area laws in place, pool fencing Mornington is compulsory. Whatever form of pool fence you opt for, it should be a pool safety fence. And if you are exclusively looking for some pool fencing, then Melbourne Fencing & Gates is who to reach out to.

Whatever type of pool fencing you seek, keeping the pool safety features in place, we design and install the pool safety fence in your residence. All our fencing are compliant to prescribed Australian standards and most of all whatever type of pool fence you have opted for even a frameless pool fence, you can be rest assured that it is safely and securely placed with no room for any accident of any sorts.

When it comes to our pool fence designers and installers, we have highly trained personnel who adopt and adhere to the best practices of the industry and adapt to whatever is trending and accepted.

Just in case you want the pool fence to be customised to suit your needs, liking, or the area too, then we will surely get that done for you.

To keep in line with the pool safety laws, pool fencing of any sort, be it a semi frameless pool fence or glass pool fencing for the area around your pool in your Mornington home needs to be installed. And so if you are looking for anything on these lines or more, you may reach out to Melbourne Fencing & Gates at 03 8609 9231 or email us at sales@melbfg.com.au

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Security Fencing Mornington

Secure Commercial and Domestic Property

At Melbourne Fencing & Gates we take security seriously, we provide high quality industrial and factory Fencing in Mornington. Industrial and factory fencing are essential to help protect the assets you have built up over the years. Whilst 90% of all jobs we do are Black powder coated we offer a full powder coat range of colours, for when black doesn’t suit your business. We recently did a job in Sapphire Blue.

You are moving into your new home in Mornington and before that you need to get good security fencing for your home. Now, yes the market is spoilt for choice and you are not caught in between all this and not sure how to make up your mind or what to go in for.

Outdoor Blinds Mornington

Don’t let the name fool you – Melbourne Fencing & Gates do more than just fencing! We are also proud to provide outdoor blinds to Mornington homeowners looking to maximise their enjoyment of the outdoors.

By installing outdoor blinds like café blinds, patio blinds or alfresco blinds, you instantly extend the living and entertaining area you have available. Under the shade of our quality outdoor blinds, Mornington locals can enjoy their gorgeous surrounds without exposing themselves to the sun. Let your kids play outside, have your friends over for summer BBQs or simply read a book outdoors without worrying about your privacy or sun exposure thanks to our outdoor blinds! Outdoor blinds are also perfect for businesses in Mornington looking to give their customers a shaded area where they can enjoy a coffee or drink.

Constructed from high-quality UV-resistant materials, our outdoor blinds will be able to withstand the harsh Aussie sun for years to come. Make a long-term, value-adding investment in your home by speaking to Melbourne Fencing & Gates about our outdoor blinds for Mornington properties. Simply give us a call on to 03 8609 9231 enquire about the types of outdoor blinds we offer to homes and businesses in Mornington.

You have a couple criteria that would ultimately determine your line of thought and choice too. They are:

  • You want the security fence whatever type be it, steel fencing, Security Doors, Security Gates, Steal Security Fence or Colorbond fencing to be made available in a range of designs, styles, types, and colour.
  • You are keenly looking at the affordability quotient or how economical the security fencing like steel fencing or wire fencing is for your Mornington home.
  • You want an expert fencing company like say, Melbourne Fencing & Gates to undertake the design and installation of the timber fences or any other type of fencing for your house in Mornington and its suburbs likes pakenham, cranbourne, carrum downs, mount eliza, narre warren, beaconsfield.

So, yes, now we have understood what you are seeking when it comes to fencing, and Melbourne Fencing & Gates can more than be of help to you. We will give you expert guidance as to what would best suit your Mornington house, what design you can opt for and the area that needs to be fenced.

Now we also arrive at this based on your liking, preference, budget and we also keep in mind the security aspect before we suggest the type of fencing you should go in for, as in paling fence, or even heritage fencing. Once we have zeroed in on these elements, then after a brief consultation, Melbourne Fencing & Gates can go about installing and setting up the timber fences or any other chosen fencing in your Mornington home or its suburbs berwick, st kilda, glen waverley, croydon, richmond, malvern, mordialloc, ringwood, ferntree gully.

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Pool Fencing Mornington

Keep your family safe with Pool Fencing

Do you know in the Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula area, metal pool fencing, and tubular steel fencing have become choice options of many homeowners?

Yes. There is a leaning and a trend to go in for tubular steel fencing and residents’ in and around the Mornington area are actually considering this as their best choice pool fences option.

And what could the many reasons be? Well, Melbourne Fencing & Gates seems to have some answers:

  • Tubular steel pool fencing comes in a neat and choice finish. And these can be customised as per the client’s requirement. Therefore, for your Mornington home, if you are looking at steel pool fencing that has to adhere to a certain height, width and also a design of your choice, then tubular really seems to fit the bill.
  • They are affordable, lightweight, yet sturdy and strong. And most of all, offers complete safety and security, especially when they are incorporated as pool fences for your Mornington house.
  • These steel pool fencing looks great and they are also weather-resistant.
  • The tubular fencing is made of high-quality and they are very competitively priced which makes it an even attractive option.

These steel pool fencing can be installed in a new home or even an existing house in Mornington or any nearby suburbs where we extend our services. And most of all, if you are looking at experienced hands, then it is Melbourne Fencing & Gates who can get this done for you.

The design choices we offer our service integrity, competitive pricing, and also the knowhow and professionalism is something that has stood us in good stead.

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Timber Fencing Mornington

Are you contemplating what type of Timber Fencing Mornington you want to go in for, in your Morningtonhome? Or are you looking at the long-lasting advantage of installing steel fencing around your Mornington house or workplace?

Well, in the world of fencing and fencing supplies, Melbourne Fencing & Gates is quite well-known. So, if you are thinking of timber Fencing Mornington, Colorbond fencing, or a robust security fence, then we are best suited.

Now there is a range of fencing out there and in that if you want to know of each type of fencing, up, close and personal, they are listed here accordingly:

Paling fence or timber fences are unique to Australia. They are homegrown and found mostly only in the Australian continent.

The design and the thoughtful use of timber for fencing have become so popular over time that many homeowners opt for timber fencing as a natural choice.

It is a true-blue Australian classic and most of all, timber fences are affordable, easy to build and install and they are so economical, that they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

And most of all, they blend in with any type of home and, they are relatively maintenance-free and last long too.

And so if you want to suit up your Mornington house with timber fencing, we would say it is a good choice.

So whatever type of securing fencing or wire fencing you seek for your Mornington house, you just need to reach out to the fencing experts at Melbourne Fencing & Gates.


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