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The Best Gates Made for Frankston Homes and Businesses

Have you just bought a home in Frankston? Now is the time to install gates to improve the safety and security of your property. Whether you are contemplating between electric gates, automatic electric gates, electric sliding gates, or regular gates. You can trust the team at Melbourne Fencing & Gates to provide you with high-quality gating solutions perfect for your needs and requirements.

The folks at Melbourne Fencing & Gates have years of experience and know-how, allowing us to provide our customers with the best sliding gate installation services. We will give you a look into the benefits of going in for complete gate automation and installing electric sliding gates in Frankston homes. Here are some:

  • The overall security of your Frankston house and the surrounding perimeter is completely assured and taken care of when you install security gates or electric gates. It is definitely the first point of security you can have at your place so that you can eliminate the chance of some unwanted people or elements just walking into your place. Not just that, driveway gates that are operated electrically offer an added advantage, especially if your Frankston house a little out in the boondocks or in a secluded area.
  • Automatic electric gates coupled with automatic gate opener or regularly designed electric gates offers that added safety net to you and your family members. Your kids or even pets will not stray or run out into the streets unnoticed.
  • With driveway gates and if you have an automatic gate opener installed then, it is very convenient, and more so you are in control of operating it. You don’t have to physically leave your vehicle to open or close it; you can operate it automatically and enter or exit your residence with ease.
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Keeping Frankston Secure

Security Fencing Frankston

For over 16 years the dedicated and professional team of fencing experts at Melbourne Fencing & Gates have the experience and training to deliver lasting and competitively-priced fencing solutions that are perfect for your needs and requirements. Constructed from durable and weather-resistant materials our reliable security fencing products give Frankston locals a lasting sense of confidence in their own protection.

Strong and versatile enough to be installed in domestic and commercial properties alike our security fencing acts as a deterrent to would-be trespassers and thieves, improving your property’s chances of remaining free of damage or intrusion. Flawlessly treated in seamless powder-coating once installed our security fencing withstands Frankston’s local climate without deteriorating. At Melbourne Fencing & Gates we have made your safety and security our business. for a free consultation or a quote regarding our unique and detailed solutions send us an email at sales@melbfg.com.au or call us on 03 8609 9231.

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Perfect Aluminium fencing

Glass Balustrade Frankston

Balustrades are an essential safety feature for staircases and balconies, preventing falls and providing a walking aid for those who may require a handrailing. While balustrades are a necessity, Melbourne Fencing & Gates believe they can still be stylish and attractive. Offering glass balustrades in Frankston, Mornington and surrounds, Melbourne Fencing & Gates ensure all our designs are modern and will enhance the value of your property.

Built using durable glass, our balustrades can even be made frameless for a truly minimalistic look. When used indoors, glass balustrades create an airy and open feel in your home. When installed on a balcony, glass balustrades allow you to enjoy full views of your surroundings.

As all our balustrade products comply with Australian regulations and are expertly installed by our tradesmen, you can be sure you are making the right choice when you turn to Melbourne Fencing & Gates for your glass balustrades. Frankston locals who value quality, beauty and safety will find Big Reds tick every box!

From balconies and staircases to ramps and pergolas, glass balustrades are the ideal safety feature you need. Regardless of whether you’re building a new home or improving your existing property, Big Reds can help with our stylish and practical glass balustrades.

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Glass Pool Fencing Frankston

Just so you know, Melbourne Fencing & Gates offers a range of glass pool fencing for your Frankston residence. And principal among them are a frameless pool fence Frankston which offers complete view of your pool and garden area.And a semi frameless glass fence Frankston that also offers an unobstructed view of the pool area and the surrounding garden too.

Outdoor Blinds Frankston

In addition to fencing, gates and balustrades, Melbourne Fencing & Gates also provide outdoor blinds to Frankston residents. By installing outdoor blinds to your home, you can better enjoy your outdoor area without worrying about your exposure to the sun or your privacy.

Whether you choose window awnings, PVC blinds, canopies or anything in between, you will extend the outdoor space you have available to you. This opens the space up to outdoor entertaining, kids’ playtime or your own leisure activities, all under the safe, UV-resistant cover of your outdoor blinds. Businesses can also benefit from our outdoor blinds, as they allow you to create a shaded area that your customers can enjoy.

Melbourne Fencing & Gates are able to customise all our outdoor blinds for Frankston locals, adjusting the style, dimensions, material and colour to best suit your property.

Property developers, home renovators and businessowners alike can count on Melbourne Fencing & Gates’s innovative outdoor blind solutions. Simply contact us today on 03 8609 9231 or sales@melbfg.com.au to find out more about our fencing, gates, glass balustrades or outdoor blinds in Frankston.

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Pool Fencing Frankston

Keep your family safe with Pool Fencing

Do you know in the Melbourne and Frankston Peninsula area, metal pool fencing, and tubular steel fencing have become choice options of many homeowners?

Yes. There is a leaning and a trend to go in for tubular steel fencing and residents’ in and around the Frankston area are actually considering this as their best choice pool fences option.

And what could the many reasons be? Well, Melbourne Fencing & Gates seems to have some answers:

  • Tubular steel pool fencing comes in a neat and choice finish. And these can be customised as per the client’s requirement. Therefore, for your Frankston home, if you are looking at steel pool fencing that has to adhere to a certain height, width and also a design of your choice, then tubular really seems to fit the bill.
  • They are affordable, lightweight, yet sturdy and strong. And most of all, offers complete safety and security, especially when they are incorporated as pool fences for your Frankston house.
  • These steel pool fencing looks great and they are also weather-resistant.
  • The tubular fencing is made of high-quality and they are very competitively priced which makes it an even attractive option

These steel pool fencing can be installed in a new home or even an existing house in Frankston or any nearby suburbs where we extend our services. And most of all, if you are looking at experienced hands, then it is Melbourne Fencing & Gates who can get this done for you.

The design choices we offer our service integrity, competitive pricing, and also the knowhow and professionalism is something that has stood us in good stead.

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Timber Fencing Frankston

Are you contemplating what type of Timber Fencing Frankston you want to go in for, in your Frankstonhome? Or are you looking at the long-lasting advantage of installing steel fencing around your Frankston house or workplace?

Well, in the world of fencing and fencing supplies, Melbourne Fencing & Gates is quite well-known. So, if you are thinking of timber Fencing Frankston, Colorbond fencing, or a robust security fence, then we are best suited.

Now there is a range of fencing out there and in that if you want to know of each type of fencing, up, close and personal, they are listed here accordingly:

Paling fence or timber fences are unique to Australia. They are homegrown and found mostly only in the Australian continent.

The design and the thoughtful use of timber for fencing have become so popular over time that many homeowners opt for timber fencing as a natural choice.

It is a true-blue Australian classic and most of all, timber fences are affordable, easy to build and install and they are so economical, that they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

And most of all, they blend in with any type of home and, they are relatively maintenance-free and last long too.

And so if you want to suit up your Frankston house with timber fencing, we would say it is a good choice.

So whatever type of securing fencing or wire fencing you seek for your Frankston house, you just need to reach out to the fencing experts at Melbourne Fencing & Gates.


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