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Carrum Downs Best Choice for Security Fencing

Control who has access to your home or business thanks to the durable and reliable fencing and gate solutions on offer at Melbourne Fencing & Gates. As a family-owned and operated team of fencing professionals we know that providing a service that ticks all the right boxes is incredibly important. Made from sturdy and durable materials and fabricated to suit your measurements our security gates give Carrum Downs residents peace of mind in the safety and protection delivered by our fences and gates.

Taking the time to learn all of your specific desires and requirements, the experts at Melbourne Fencing & Gates can design and install both standard or automated security gates for increased efficiency and effectiveness. Committed to delivering the highest quality gate security solutions to our customers Melbourne Fencing & Gates proudly offers free consultations and quotes. To take advantage of our strong and responsive security gates Carrum Downs locals can call us on 03 8609 9231 or email us at sales@melbfg.com.au

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Aluminium Pool Fencing Carrum Downs

Well, first questions first, Melbourne Fencing & Gates will give you a little more insight into aluminium pool fencing Carrum Downs and why you should go for it and install aluminium pool fence in your Carrum Downs home.

Modern and Attractive Aluminium fencing

First off, what are the advantages of Aluminium Fencing?

  • The affordability is a big plus. Aluminium pool fence costs much lesser than traditional iron or steel fencing. It is easier and cheaper to manufacture aluminium panels’ enmasse in a factory and it has many usages including being a part of fencing panels installed around a pool area.
  • One of the biggest advantages of aluminium fencing panels that are installed around the pool in your Carrum Downs residence is that, it does not react to oxidization, and therefore, it does not corrode or rust.
  • The aesthetic quotient can never be undermined. Whatever we opt for or install in and around our house, should also accentuate the whole look and feel and therefore, if you consider aluminium pool fencing, it all the more, adds to the overall look.

For Aluminium Fencing, what is the maintenance required?

Unlike many other types of fencing, aluminium fencing panels need not be painted every so often, and they are relatively maintenance-free. The aluminium pool fencing comes with multiple protective coating and it also undergoes a good powder paint coating that helps sustain it even longer.

Is Aluminium Fencing really suited for use around a pool?

Since aluminium fencing panels that are used in your Carrum Downs home do not react to weather conditions, humidity, oxidation, and other factors, and not to miss they are sturdy and cannot be broken into easily, they make perfect pool fencing.

Now that you have understood the advantages and importance of going in for aluminium pool fence, it is time you get into action mode and hire Melbourne Fencing & Gates to design and install the safe and sturdy fencing with aluminium panels in the pool area in your Carrum Downs house.To know more email us at sales@melbfg.com.au or call us on 03 8609 9231

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Colorbond Fencing Carrum Downs

You know when it comes to Colorbond fencing Carrum Downs, Melbourne Fencing & Gates knows best. Because we understand what a typical fencing stands for and why people go in for whatever range of fencing is out there, be it, Colorbond fencing, timber fencing, wire fencing, or even steel fencing.

And so if you want a good security fence around your office, commercial complex or building in Carrum Downs and not to miss, Colorbond fencing for your home in Carrum Downs, then we have to tell you Melbourne Fencing & Gates takes the security element very seriously.

Your new fence made of COLORBOND steel is a beautiful way of finish off your home

Not only are the economical to build but the suit just about any style of home. You can jazz them up by changing from the tradition build style to “Exposed Post” and even add capping on top for the finishing touch. They remain the quintessential Australian design choice for all types of home.

Our range is divided into 3 categories

Colorbond – The original and some say still the best, manufactured in Australia. Available in the 14 colour combinations and three design styles to choose from. You can co-ordinate your fence with your home and entertainment area. With a 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty you will know your fence will last for years to come.

Coloursteel – Our imported product, Also available in 14 designer colour combinations. This product is manufactured overseas and is available in five styles from two different manufacturers. This product still has a full 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Eco-Sheet – Our budget range. Currently it is available in only a few colours and one style. This product is manufactured overseas; it still has a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Colorbond, Coloursteel and Eco-Sheet are all strong and durable and are easy to maintain. Because they are galvanized before being powder coated, they won’t rust or be eaten by termites. If you live in a fire zone it could well offer extra protection to you and your family.

Can’t decide what colour to choose?

The use our Online Color Visualizer, play around with the different colour combinations until you find one that suits you.

Down Load our Colour chart or the current Colorbond fencing brochure.

Colorbond fencing is backed by a 10 year warranty from Bluescope Steel.

Coloursteel and Eco-Sheet are backed by a 10 year warranty from Metrol Steel.

And in this regard, for industrial and commercial buildings, we provide and install high-quality steel fencing and Colorbond fencing. Because the fencing has a purpose to serve and that is to protect and secure all the assets, people, and things inside the buildings. Colorbond fencing is a steel fencing that is made with the Colorbond steel and they come in about three design styles, and about 14 eye-catching colour choices. And this again is a ‘Made in Australia’ product. And is also popular and much in demand.

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Glass Pool Fencing Carrum Downs

In order to abide by the prescribed pool safety laws that have to be followed not just in your Carrum Downs suburb, but in all states of Australia, then you need to find good pool fencing specialists to help install the pool fence around your pool in your home in Carrum Downs.

So if you want to understand what comes under the purview of pool safety fence and want a better knowhow, then reach out to Melbourne Fencing & Gates. In addition to giving you all the required information, we also share a couple benefits of going in for frameless glass fence or a frameless pool fence for your house in Carrum Downs.

The benefits of having semi frameless pool fence include:

A frameless glass fence keeps the pool area safe, secure and all safety features are in place. Over time, with its popularity soaring, many homeowners are opting for this as it is very dependable, easy to maintain and clean, and it not only ensures the pool safety feature, but it also enhances the aesthetic element a little more and with this type of pool fencing, the visual appeal is in no way compromised but in turn, it actually heightens the visual appeal.

The safety feature is even more enhanced because when you have glass pool fencing, you have a clear, and unobstructed view and you can at all times keep a watch on your kids or family when they are out in the pool.

Since pool fencing setup in your Carrum Downs home is very close to the pool, there is always a likelihood of water deposits or water spraying on the frameless pool fence, but since this is made primarily of glass, the moisture will not harm or damage the fencing and you can be assured that it is absolutely rust and corrosion-free.

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Steel Pool Fencing Carrum Downs

Safe and Secure Steel Pool Fencing

For your Carrum Downs house, if you have made up your mind that it is going to be tubular steel pool fencing or even any metal pool fencing, you may want to know a little more about it and want the help of experts to aid you in your decision-making process.

Accordingly, the folks at Melbourne Fencing & Gates will give you ample suggestions and guidance so that you can engage us for whatever type of pool fences you have decided to have in your Carrum Downs house.

First off, we would like to share a little knowhow about tubular steel pool fencing for your Carrum Downs home. The biggest advantage of sporting or installing tubular fencing which could be made of any metal, be it, steel, wrought iron or even aluminium is that it is very simple, easy to install, safe, secure, understated, neat looking and most of all affordable! This steel pool fencing comes in a range of interesting designs and styles that one can choose from.

Interestingly, they proffer a very sleek and elegant finish that it in a way accentuates the overall look and feel and your Carrum Downs house looks even more attractive what with this type of metal pool fencing.

If steel pool fencing is what is firmed up in your mind, then just go in for the same. You can choose from a variety that you will be spoiled for choice. The only aspects to take into consideration is the safety, security, affordability, the area to be covered and what will compliment the house in general. Once these things are ironed out, then it is only asking the fencing experts to setup and install the metal pool fences you want for your house in Carrum Downs.

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Timber Fencing Carrum Downs

Are you contemplating what type of Timber Fencing Carrum Downs you want to go in for, in your Carrum Downshome? Or are you looking at the long-lasting advantage of installing steel fencing around your Carrum Downs house or workplace?

Well, in the world of fencing and fencing supplies, Melbourne Fencing & Gates is quite well-known. So, if you are thinking of timber Fencing Carrum Downs, Colorbond fencing, or a robust security fence, then we are best suited.

Now there is a range of fencing out there and in that if you want to know of each type of fencing, up, close and personal, they are listed here accordingly:

Paling fence or timber fences are unique to Australia. They are homegrown and found mostly only in the Australian continent.

The design and the thoughtful use of timber for fencing have become so popular over time that many homeowners opt for timber fencing as a natural choice.

It is a true-blue Australian classic and most of all, timber fences are affordable, easy to build and install and they are so economical, that they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

And most of all, they blend in with any type of home and, they are relatively maintenance-free and last long too.

And so if you want to suit up your Carrum Downs house with timber fencing, we would say it is a good choice.

So whatever type of securing fencing or wire fencing you seek for your Carrum Downs house, you just need to reach out to the fencing experts at Melbourne Fencing & Gates.

Outdoor Blinds Carrum Downs

Melbourne Fencing & Gates are all about exceeding expectations, which is why we also offer outdoor blinds on top of our fencing and gate solutions. Offering outdoor blinds to Carrum Downs, Pakenham, Mornington and beyond, home and businessowners can count on Melbourne Fencing & Gates for outdoor blinds that can be customised to a tee! This can include its dimensions, colour or material, ensuring you end up with an installation that you are truly happy with.

Whether you need PVC blinds, window awnings, canopies, hoods or anything in between, Melbourne Fencing & Gates can devise a solution to suit. By adding a shaded area to your outdoor space, you can truly make the most of your property. From hosting comfortable BBQs in the summer to having your kids play outdoors without worrying about their sun exposure, outdoor blinds truly open up a world of possibility. Melbourne Fencing & Gates also offer outdoor blinds to Carrum Downs businesses looking to provide their customers or staff with a shaded outdoor area where they can eat, drink and mingle.

Big Reds’ designs will also add style and value to your property, meaning it’s an investment that will likely pay for itself! Contact Melbourne Fencing & Gates today on 03 8609 9231 to enquire about our available outdoor blinds for Carrum Downs properties.


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They did a great job – fence is still standing so it was very good ?

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My fence was done very well by Big Reds. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

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