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The timber paling fence is uniquely Australian. They are classic choice for timber fences in Melbourne.They last for years and don’t cost much to build

Not only are the economical to build but the suit just about any style of home. You can jazz them up by changing from the tradition build style to “Exposed Post” and even add capping on top for the finishing touch. They remain the quintessential Australian design choice for all types of home.

Privacy: With the unique lapped designed you get a private back yard to run around in. We have 2 standard heights of 1.65 and 1.95 meters high timber paling fences, but can build up to 2.4 meters high. You should note that fences over 2.0 meters high probably need a building permit.


Entertainment areas: Timber Paling fences provide fantastic windbreaks, so your entertainment area will be less exposed to the wind. They also reflect the summer heat because they don’t absorb it like Colorbond™ can.
Value: Timber Paling is great value for money. It’s a local product and the most eco-friendly product available. We design and manufacture galvanized steel gate frames to match your paling fence.
Look & Style: Your new timber paling fence will have a timeless character like none other. By changing the design style you can change the look and feel of the fence to suit you and your family.
Installation: Timber Paling fences are quick to install and very versatile as the can be easily installed on all types of sites, including site with difficult slopes.

Our range of treated pine timber fences are grown locally so it’s great for the environment and keeps local people employed.

Pretreated Pine is Termite and weather resistant, some people are afraid of the chemicals used in treating the pine, but we have been told that there is more chemical on a Granny Smith apple than a piece of treated pine timber.
Hardwood posts are H4 rated, this means that they are resistant to decay. Being hardwood they also provide extra strength in windy conditions. (we believe that most fences that break in windy conditions are either Cypress pine or Treated pine)
Noise reduction: Timber absorbs noise and is currently the choice of Vic Roads along freeways all over Victoria. The density of the Timber reduces road noise substantially.
Sustainability: Today we are all concerned about Global Warming and sustainability. Timber Paling fences are from man-made forests, renewable and also good at capturing CO2.