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Colorbond Fencing Glen Waverley

Colorbond Fence Glen Waverley

You know when it comes to Colorbond fencing Glen Waverley, Big Reds Fencing knows best. Because we understand what a typical fencing stands for and why people go in for whatever range of fencing is out there, be it, Colorbond™ fencing, timber fencing, wire fencing, or even steel fencing.

And so if you want a good security fence around your office, commercial complex or building in Glen Waverley and not to miss, Colorbond fencing for your home in Glen Waverley, then we have to tell you Big Reds Fencing takes the security element very seriously.

Your new fence made of COLORBOND® steel is a beautiful way of finish off your home

Not only are the economical to build but the suit just about any style of home. You can jazz them up by changing from the tradition build style to “Exposed Post” and even add capping on top for the finishing touch. They remain the quintessential Australian design choice for all types of home.

Our range is divided into 3 categories

Colorbond™ –The original and some say still the best, manufactured in Australia. Available in the 14 colour combinations and three design styles to choose from. You can co-ordinate your fence with your home and entertainment area. With a 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty you will know your fence will last for years to come.

Coloursteel – Our imported product, Also available in 14 designer colour combinations. This product is manufactured overseas and is available in five styles from two different manufacturers. This product still has a full 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Eco-Sheet – Our budget range. Currently it is available in only a few colours and one style. This product is manufactured overseas; it still has a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Colorbond®, Coloursteel and Eco-Sheet are all strong and durable and are easy to maintain. Because they are galvanized before being powder coated, they won’t rust or be eaten by termites. If you live in a fire zone it could well offer extra protection to you and your family.

Can’t decide what colour to choose?

The use our Online Color Visualizer, play around with the different colour combinations until you find one that suits you.

Down Load our Colour chart or the current Colorbond® fencing brochure.

Colorbond® fencing is backed by a 10 year warranty from Bluescope Steel.

Coloursteel and Eco-Sheet are backed by a 10 year warranty from Metrol Steel.

And in this regard, for industrial and commercial buildings, we provide and install high-quality steel fencing and Colorbond™ fencing. Because the fencing has a purpose to serve and that is to protect and secure all the assets, people, and things inside the buildings. Colorbond™ fencing is a steel fencing that is made with the Colorbond™ steel and they come in about three design styles, and about 14 eye-catching colour choices. And this again is a ‘Made in Australia’ product. And is also popular and much in demand.

For a free consultation with us at anytime, you may email us at quotes@bigredsfencing.com.au or call us on 0386099231