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We are often asked “why fencing?”

Its not a complicated story.

Often people will give you a long story about why they are doing, what they do, but for us its a simple story about bumping into someone.

We moved into a new neighborhood and didn’t know anyone. The bloke over the road waved and said gidday. Our families became great friends (still are).

One day he needed help and I offered to go along and help him out.

And that’s how we started fencing.

We moved into a new neighborhood
why Big Reds

After deciding to go into fencing full time,
why Big Reds
We are often asked “why Big Reds?”

Its a funny story.

After deciding to go into fencing full time, I decided we needed a name. So for weeks we tossed about various options only to find the ones we did like already gone.

One night in disgust my wife suggested “Big Reds” , we liked it and when I asked where did that come from she waved the can of soup she was cooking at me. Can you guess the brand of soup she had in her hand?

and thats how we got our name.

Our contact details are

Liansa Pty Ltd trading as “Big Reds Fencing”

ACN 128 344 604  ABN 42 495 343 887

PO Box 376 Webb Street Post Office, Narre Warren. Victoria 3805

Factory 13, 25 Bald Hill Road, Pakenham. Victoria 3810

We also trade under the name

” Melbourne Gates ” & ” We Do Gates ”


Office : 0386099231 , Fax : 03 8080 6461, Email : quotes@bigredsfencing.com.au